A cycle club for retired and refined gentlemen,
who indulge, weekly, in gentle exercise,
......... and deep and meaningful banter

Bike Registration: The cops will be at Caffles at 1000 on the 20th of August barring calamities - Sonofvilla

The most recent ride Tue 13th Aug 2019, 08:30 :

  • Turnout: 14 - A Positive Plethora of Old Gits!
  • Route: Original Route,
    Coffee Caffle.
  • Weather - forecast: Sunny intervals, moderate SW breeze, temp mid-teens.
  • Weather - actual: As forecast, if not a little sunnier and warmer.
  • Riding conditions: After recent heavy rain some of the minor roads were still wet and muddy.
  • Incident of the day! No mechanicals. One Old Git went to the wrong start point for the wrong ride. Luckily said Git is electrified and was able to engage warp-speed to catch us up. I'll not be asking a policeman for directions in future, until I have an electric bike!
Quote of the day: "What do you call a cyclist who doesn't wear a helmet? An organ donor.": David Perry -

Social Responsibility Note:

Performance enhancing drugs will not be tolerated.
Does not include: Caffeine, Warfarin, Statins, or angiotensin receptor blockers etc.
Pacemakers and/or artificial hips or knees are also allowed (provided thay are not GT models).
With a few notable exceptions the Old Gits aim to Cycle responsibly