A cycle club for retired and refined gentlemen,
who indulge, weekly, in gentle exercise,
......... and deep and meaningful banter

Next scheduled ride is on: Tue 22nd Jan 2019, 08:30.

The most recent ride Tue 15th Jan 2019, 08:45 :

  • Turnout: 12: A very reasonable turnout.
  • Route: Reverse Route,
    Coffee Caffle.
  • Weather - forecast: Met Office forecast: 30% chance of rain up to 08:00h, after that 10% all morning. Temp 9C feels like 5-6C.
  • Weather - actual: First the good news: It was warmer than forecast.
    Now the bad: It was significantly wetter than implied by the 10% chance. Our luck must have been out.
  • Riding conditions: There was very little traffic, must be a sign that Christmas and Sales deliveries have ceased for a while. However, it was a miserable ride in the fairly persistent light drizzle.
  • Incident of the day! On a day marked by lack of incidents we were able to concentrate on the plight of fellow riders currently unable to ride. We send them all best wishes for a speedy recovery. Get well soon guys.
    However, concern was expressed over one Old Git who has apparently acquired a long zip since last week's ride. The concern wasn't so much about the zip per se, but rather more about the potential risk af a picture of it being posted on the website.
Quote of the day: "If, during the Second World War, the United States had retooled its factories for manufacturing bicycles instead of munitions, we'd be one of the healthiest, least oil-dependent, and most environmentally-sound constituents in the Nazi empire today.": Ralph Nader -

Social Responsibility Note:

Performance enhancing drugs will not be tolerated.
Does not include: Caffeine, Warfarin, Statins, or angiotensin receptor blockers etc.
Pacemakers and/or artificial hips or knees are also allowed (provided thay are not GT models).
With a few notable exceptions the Old Gits aim to Cycle responsibly