A cycle club for retired and refined gentlemen,
who indulge, weekly, in gentle exercise,
......... and deep and meaningful banter

The most recent ride Tue 12th Dec 2017, 08:45 :

  • Turnout: 9: The usual suspects.
  • Route: Reverse Route,
    Coffee Caffle.
  • Weather - forecast: Cloudy, dry with southerly wind. Temperature rising to +5 with windchill -4
  • Weather - actual: As forecast except sun did shine but not enough to take any layers off.
  • Riding conditions: Not a bad riding day. Going was slower than usual due to frost and ice in places.
  • Incident of the day! We lost a Git 'overboard' in the lanes around Sand Bay due to ice. Fortunately bike and Git unscathed.
    Numbers increased after the coffee stop.
    Special mention today to the 'four wheeled' section of the Club who kindly joined us for coffee.
    Good to see 'kneecap' Git who made the effort to join us at Caffle, greatly assisted by wife. Hope to see you out with us soon.

Next scheduled ride is on: Tue 19th Dec 2017, 08:30.

Quote of the day: "Like dogs, bicycles are social catalysts that attract a superior category of people. ": Chip Brown -

Social Responsibility Note:

Performance enhancing drugs will not be tolerated.
Does not include: Caffeine, Warfarin, Statins, or angiotensin receptor blockers etc.
Pacemakers and/or artificial hips or knees are also allowed (provided thay are not GT models).
With a few notable exceptions the Old Gits aim to Cycle responsibly

Happy Christmas
to all Old Gits