A cycle club for retired and refined gentlemen,
who indulge, weekly, in gentle exercise,
......... and deep and meaningful banter

The most recent ride Tue 17th Jul 2018, 08:45 :

  • Turnout: 14 - A Positive Plethora of Old Gits!
  • Route: Reverse Route,
    Coffee Caffle.
  • Weather - forecast: Sunny and cloudy,light westerly breeze, 20C.
  • Weather - actual: Rather more on the cloudy side and breeze stronger than expected. The coolest day for weeks!
  • Riding conditions: Pleasant riding conditions
  • Incident of the day! It was going so well, even White Van Man was patient in the narrow lanes, then we got to the A371 at Knightcott, where three drivers in short order demonstrated their belief that it is an offence not to hit the maximum speed limit when passing the derestriction sign and central reservations are there to make shaving past cyclists more fun. I believe the Americans have a pet name for such drivers - A***holes.

Next scheduled ride is on: Tue 24th Jul 2018, 08:30.

Quote of the day: "An engineer designing from scratch could hardly concoct a better device to unclog modern roads - cheap, nonpolluting, small and silent...": Rick Smith - Rick Smith, International Herald Tribune and http://www.bikeboom.info/quotes/

Social Responsibility Note:

Performance enhancing drugs will not be tolerated.
Does not include: Caffeine, Warfarin, Statins, or angiotensin receptor blockers etc.
Pacemakers and/or artificial hips or knees are also allowed (provided thay are not GT models).
With a few notable exceptions the Old Gits aim to Cycle responsibly