A cycle club for retired and refined gentlemen,
who indulge, weekly, in gentle exercise,
......... and deep and meaningful banter

Next scheduled ride is on: Tue 23rd Apr 2019, 08:30.

The most recent ride Tue 16th Apr 2019, 08:45 :

  • Turnout: 11: A very reasonable turnout.
  • Route: Reverse Route,
    Cuppa Caffle.
  • Weather - forecast: Both the Met Office and the BBC forecasts were similar and not very encouraging. Heavy rain, gentle NE breeze at the start. Met Office was more optimistic about the rain easing and even stopping.
  • Weather - actual: Luckily we went with the Met Office and were rewarded with dry home run after the cuppa stop.
  • Riding conditions: Wet to start, roads wet with many puddles. Breeze very light and hardly noticeable. Drivers were generally very considerate today; only one AH on tollroad.
  • Incident of the day! Only a minor incident of a slow deflation, easily cured by as couple of puffs of Luft.
    Thanks to Birthday Git for the cuppas, but no reason for him to double as Exhibitionist Git, with his bare legs.
Quote of the day: "What do you call a cyclist who doesn't wear a helmet? An organ donor.": David Perry -

Social Responsibility Note:

Performance enhancing drugs will not be tolerated.
Does not include: Caffeine, Warfarin, Statins, or angiotensin receptor blockers etc.
Pacemakers and/or artificial hips or knees are also allowed (provided thay are not GT models).
With a few notable exceptions the Old Gits aim to Cycle responsibly